Skin Resurfacing

Remove Wrinkles and Signs of Aging. Get smoother more youthful looking skin!

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Our cutting edge laser equipment has been designed to remove or noticeably decrease wrinkles and to improve the overall color and skin texture of the face, neck and hands. With few exceptions, you can expect an improvement in the texture and quality of your skin.

How does laser skin resurfacing work?
The water in your skin cells absorbs the laser light, heating and destroying them. The pulses of laser light are controlled so they destroy cells and remove tissue at a mere 30 millionth of an inch at one time. This incredible control allows our physician to treat only as deeply as needed, removing wrinkles or merely refreshing your overall skin appearance. The damaged skin cells are removed and new healthy skin quickly regrows in its place.

Does it hurt?
The laser pulses are short in duration and the skin is cooled during the procedure. Pain level or discomfort varies by patient but, the worst reported effect is similar to a mild slap each time the laser is pulsed. A topical anesthetic can be applied, if required.

Laser resurfacing may cause some redness, similar to a mild case of sunburn and can be treated in a similar manner.

How long before the skin is healed and normal skin tone is restored?
Depending upon the area treated, and individual patient, noticeable results are typically seen in a few days. Complete healing is normal after a few weeks. Most patients can be treated on Friday and be almost completely healed by the following Monday.

  • Laser skin resurfacing is ideal for skin tone and texture
  • Younger looking skin is easier than you think with laser skin resurfacing.

How does it work?
This fractional technology uses microbeams of energy to create areas of affected tissue that extend through the epidermis into the dermis. This triggers the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthy collagen. What results can I expect? You will have an improvement in both tone and texture, resulting in younger looking skin*.

Treatment plans can be adjusted to fit everyone’s lifestyle – speak to us regarding desired downtime, comfort, and results.

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*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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